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2014/2015 PGF Season

Premier Girls Fastpitch Team/League/Umpire Insurance Effective September 1, 2014 is now available.

Finally someone has designed a Fastpitch insurance program that fits the specific needs and dates of our sport.

Team Insurance effective dates of September 1, 2014 to September 1, 2015
Every year the travelball Fastpitch season ends during the months of July/August. Players and Coaches switch teams or organizations and your insurance becomes very confusing. Those coaches that switch organizations may be required to purchase new insurance that will only cover you until January 1st. Many teams switch practice facilities, requiring new certificates of insurance, only to have to repurchase insurance and new certificates again on January 1st.
Those days are gone forever. Premier Girls Fastpitch has changed their Team Insurance program for the 2014/2015 season, to a September 1st effective date. That means no more confusion with your team insurance or your certificate's of insurance. Once you form your new team in September of each year, you may register with PGF and buy team insurance for your entire softball season. Your coverage will be in effect and stay in effect until September of the following year. no more mid year confusion and interruption in coverage.

**Umpire Insurance Information - Scroll to bottom of page

*Purchasing Team/League Insurance couldnt be easier.  Accomplish all your needs with one click of the above blue tab.

Coverage will be effective as soon as payment is processed, or September 1, 2014, whichever date is later. We will only accept PGF Insurance for all 2015 PGF "National Championships" and the 2015 PGF "Regional Championships" 

Note:  If you did not purchase PGF Insurance for a Qualifier and during that tournament you earned a berth to Nationals, you will be able to upgrade your registration and purchase PGF insurance, for the additional $11 per person, to be in compliance with the National Championship quidelines.

Key facts about PGF Team/League Registration

Key facts about PGF Team/League Insurance :

All coaches will be required to obtain "PGF" background checks.  We will not accept a background check from another organization.

Remember, while some other insurance policy's limit your coverage to their sanctioned events, your PGF insurance will cover you in whatever association you wish to partipate with.

Note to all PGF Umpires:

All Umpires who work PGF sanctioned events must purchase insurance and obtain a background check through the PGF insurance program.

Key facts about the PGF Umpire Insurance program:

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